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Beauty. Precision. Expression.

The K_Nail Academy Manicure School

Our Philosophy

Learning manicure at a professional level in today’s competitive and abundant world can be extremely challenging and expensive to a lot of future nail artists. It is essential to keep up with the current trends and fashions in order to stand out and be successful. In our academy, we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and the unique technique that will set you apart from your competitors. Our deliberated courses are designed to teach you the most advanced and exclusive techniques in the modern word of manicure and pedicure. As well as guiding you and showing you the importance of proper sanitary and hygienic process.

We guarantee Once you graduate you will have all the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to become prosperous!

Founder & Director


Ekaterina Fadeeva

       Being the founder of K_Nail Studios, Ekaterina has set a goal of changing the world of Manicure and making it possible for others to learn this beautiful art. With more than ten years of experience and thousands of clients, Ekaterina has been able to fully master her trade and has now made her knowledge available for artists like you.

         Her journey began twelve years ago in Russia, where her interest in manicure first sparked. Since then, Ekaterina has received multiple certificates and has graduated from Paris Nail School, a famous and well-regarded nail school.

         Moving forward to now, Ekaterina is a passionate licensed nail professional in Miami, Fl,  who decided to open up a new chapter in her career and started a nail academy for aspiring future nail professionals who want to learn the amazing art of manicure.

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